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AK47 Hookah Gold Cartel Series (SOLD OUT)

Khalifa Hookah

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Colour: King's Gold, a metallic shiny and reflective gold color, fit only for a king.

Our best selling hookah, the Cartel Series AK-47 hookah is made of aircraft grade metal, installed with engineered custom high quality stainless steel tubing and air chambers. Designed to look, feel and weigh the same as an actual AK-47. Included, it comes with the following:

- A glass vase, with our logo printed in white.
- Black silicon hose, with hand made glass tip.
- Patented Buttstock, for displaying your hookah and for that real gun feel.
- Ceramic bowl.
- Steel coal plate.
- All of our AK-47 Hookahs come with a 1 year warranty*.

Warning: Do not take this hookah to public areas, this item may be mistaken as a real firearm. Keep indoors and away from public. Always carry this hookah in its box, and concealed when traveling with it.

$299.00 USD

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